Product Description & Benefits

The S600 is designed for push-off drills, in-place resisted swimming, resisted walking, running and other in-water resistance drills.  Turn your backyard or hotel swimming pool into a workout area to burn calories, improve endurance and increase strength.  Practice long swims without countless flip turns.  

Safety Cord Short Belt S600-StrechCordz®

  • The S600 features one 2in/5cm adjustable waist belt that fits up to a 44in/1.1m waist.  One 4ft/1.2m tube with a safety cord.  A loop on the end of tubing is included for pool mounting.  Sold as a unit.  No removable components or replacement parts.  Choose from six resistance levels.

    Colour - Resistance (lbs) - Resistiance (kg)

    Silver (3-8lbs) (1.3-3.6kgs)

    Yellow (5-14lbs) (2.2-6.3kgs)

    Green (8-24lbs) (3.6-10.8kgs)

    Red (12-31lbs) (5.4-14.1kgs)

    Blue (14-34lbs) (6.3-15.4kgs)

    Black (20-45lbs) (9.1-20.4kgs)